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WordPress is seeing some major updates in 2018! You have seen updates in the past but nothing like this in years! Below is a list of a few of a few of the most important updates and a description of 3 of the major updates.

  • Integration of Gutenberg
  • Updated mobile app
  • Many core updates
  • Many security updates
  • New log updates

Gutenberg integrgration

Gutenberg is a robust block based page builder. With Gutenberg you can drag and drop blocks on your page. (Blocks are bits or pieces of content that accomplish a specific task.) An example of this would be a photo blocks main job would be to display a photo. A paragraph block would be to display page text. Overall this will be a great improvement. Read more about Gutenberg here.

Updated WordPress Mobile App

The mobile app was recently updated and now allows for multi-site management of stats. You will also find Theme modification, plugin management and much more that couldn’t be done effectively from the mobile app. There is an upcoming update the mobile app to fully utilize Gutenberg on the mobile app.¬†

Log Updates

WordPress now has a feature similar to the stream plugin. Everything you do will now be logged along with the time, date, your IP and more. This will be a great improvement for security, authentication, verification and more!

Be sure to read more on 2018 the WordPress updates on the WordPress website.