I talk to many people who say they want a website but don’t want to hire a professional designer. I find this to be hilarious myself. I understand that it is simply because they don’t see the whole picture. I usually try to explain to them The do it yourself options are more expensive. Additionally they lack the customized experience. While you may know your business you may not know how to Petray your business online. For example you may not know if a Opt in giveaway works better than A newsletter in your field. My point is knowing what to use when to use it and where to use it or things that an automated system can’t tell you. Only someone who works in the field building the site can share this insight with you.

Another problem with these do it yourself sites. Not only are you doing the design work yourself but you pay for it in the long run! That’s right, you actually pay more over time. Most do it yourself sites charge you $50-$100 every month. On average our customers pay $15 per month. In addition you still have access to drag and drop website builders and much more.